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Be a Graphic Facilitator Programme


Imagine running sessions and workshops full of impact, delivering the outcomes you need. People remember your key messages and your sessions become a talking point. This is Graphic Facilitation.

If you want to take your facilitation skills to the next level, this online 12-week Programme gives you a heap of visual tools and techniques that you’ll be able to start using in your workshops, meetings and training sessions, whether in virtual meetings or facilitating in-person events.

Perhaps you’re an experienced facilitator who wants to create your own visual tools and templates to take your sessions to the next level, all with support and feedback from an industry expert. Or you may want to step up at work, or offer facilitation as a freelancer. Graphic Facilitation will make your sessions easier to run and help you engage your participants.

Running group sessions in a visual way will ensure you get hired again and ensure people want to be in another one of your sessions! This a course that could change your working life! It already has for many people who’ve done the Programme.

Your tutor Cara Holland


Cara has been a visual facilitator for over 2 decades, working in the UK and around the world.  She has built up a successful graphiking business with all kinds of organisations as clients, from the NHS to Google and IKEA. She’s developed her own personal style and visual facilitation methods through trial and error and has put all of that learning into this course.

Developed over years of running face-to-face graphic facilitation training, this course is full of tips, techniques and insights Cara has learnt IRL. Boost your facilitation skills with visual tools, techniques and templates in just 12 weeks.





What people say about this Programme

“The course has been extremely valuable and it has already impacted my work greatly. The most valuable feature has been the possibility of sending you my work and receiving feedback… Your feedback has been extremely helpful and it has helped me to see things I could not yet see.”

G. Rossi

“The course was fantastic! Having more than 15 years of facilitation experience in different roles, I felt I just acquired a brilliant new toolset that will take my job to a completely different level. The lessons were engaging and challenging, and your feedback on my work really made a difference on how I see things now. I loved the idea of sharing my work with a small group, it created a safe and trusted environment where I could also learn from my classmates, their experience and their homework. This was definitely a great use of my time and my money :-)”

C. Garcia

You’re ready for this Programme if…


I'm ready

you’re a facilitator already, or want to become one, whether in-house or as a freelancer/consultant

you want to add visual communication skills to your facilitator toolkit, whether online or in person

you would benefit from a supportive experience to keep you accountable in your online learning

This Programme will give you


step-by-step methods to create visual templates and tools for stimulating, participatory group sessions

tips and techniques to run better visual group sessions


the confidence to use visual tools to deliver more engaging, inclusive sessions with a wow! factor

Programme Content


Graphic or Visual Facilitation transforms group workshops, meetings and training into memorable events that engage participants, provide a creative environment for ideation and deliver real outputs that can move an organisation forward. Graphic Facilitation makes your sessions easier for you to run and gives you the support and structure to do what you’re there to do – facilitate the thinking and cooperative discussions of others.

This is your unique opportunity to learn in a small group environment from one of the most experienced visual practitioners out there, all from the comfort of your home (or office).

Here’s an overview of what we cover in the 12 week Programme…

Drawing Skills

4 fast-track lessons to give you a foundation in functional drawing techniques:

  • Buildings
  • Objects
  • People
  • Shapes

(identical to Graphic Recorder Drawing Skills)

Week 1 - Basics

To start you off gently we cover the basics of

1. Equipment – a walkthrough the equipment you’ll need as a Graphic Facilitator

2. Colour – a deeper dive into using colour in your visual communications

3. Text – a deeper dive into getting text right – the right words drawn right

Week 2 - Start Well

We start at the beginning - how you get ready for your engaging, participative visual meeting, workshop, training or session

4. Set the Room - tools, techniques and tips to setting up the room

5. Visual Agendas - learn how to create a simple, powerful visual agenda for online or in-person meetings

6. Ground Rules - learn what ground rules you need to lay out to make your visual session a success

Week 3 - Journey

We're going to walk through the step-by-step methods to create and use impactful visual journeys to enable group planning and visioning

7. Story Lines - a powerful but simple tool to use with individuals or small groups

8. Business Road Map - create a visual journey through a business or service

9. Story Road Map - create a visual roadmap to show the highlights of a story


Week 4 - Flipchart Hacks

Learn these 4 powerful flipchart hacks (that you can use in online meetings too) to transform any session you're facilitating

10. Hack #1 - Borders and Titles - add impact to a blank sheet/screen to set the tone and intention of your session

11. Hack #2 - Flow - help participants avoid cognitive load with this visual capture technique

12. Hack #3 - Tabletop Capture - engage small groups for round-table/breakout room discussions

13. Hack #4 - Templates - set up graphic templates as an in-session tool

Week 5 - Templates

This week we’re focussing on creating eye-catching re-useable visual templates ready for your engaging, participative sessions

14. Container Templates - how to run your workshop with a visual template to support and drive your workshop process to a successful outcome

15. Narrative Templates - how to help groups see the big picture with a big picture

Week 6 - Plan and Review

This week I give you more step-by-step instructions to build your own visual tools to either reflect backwards (review) or project forwards (plan) as a team

16. 3 Step Tools - 2 ways to use this key visual planning tool to also reflect and review

17. Business Snapshot - I walk you through creating and using a powerful business review visual template

Week 7 - Groups 1

This week is all about visual tools to engage and ideate with groups to deliver a memorable, dynamic and engaging session

18. Open Spaces - Make your Open Space workshops and World Cafe sessions more visual

19. Group Mind Map - a useful and participatory tool for groups

20. Ideate - a fresh visual take on an ideation group exercise

Week 8 - Pause

This is a week to reflect, revisit and catch up. I'm here to answer any questions you have at this stage. This pause will give you the energy to complete the course.

21. Pause

Week 9 - Groups 2

We return to working with groups with more visual tools, techniques and templates

22. Focus Groups - create visual prompt sheets and learn to capture your group’s ideas fast

23. Group Scales - learn to use this tool to help people identify progress, movement, success or intention

Week 10 - Finish Well

This week I share advice, tips and techniques to end your visual sessions well

24. Challenges - tips for handling typical challenges in visual facilitation sessions - I've been there so you can learn from my experience!

25. End the Session - tips and techniques to make the most of your session by ending it well

26. After the Session - advice for ensuring your successful session is followed up with real action

Week 11 - Big Project

This week we're going to put together all the techniques and templates you've learnt into your Big Project (yes, that's the technical name!)

27. Big Project - you get most out of this week by choosing a real session you need to deliver, and preparing the visual materials for it with my support and feedback


Week 12 - Meta Record

We’re coming to the end of your course and the beginning of your future as a graphic facilitator!

28. Meta Record – time to reflect on and capture all that progress you've made...visually of course!


This Programme comes with a bonus 8-lesson Guide to Digital Graphic Facilitation. The digital course is an enhancement, not a replacement for any Programme content.

  • How to set up for Digital Facilitation
  • Digital Basics:
    • Movement
    • Layers
    • Templates
  • Visual Dictionary
  • Before the Session
  • In the Session
  • After the Session

Why we’re different

we don't do mass online training

– we see you as an individual and we keep our class sizes small so you get the support to succeed and finish


this Programme is our most flexible yet

– you can do lessons within the Academy with tutor support, take part in the Community to learn with your cohort, join Live Classes by video, invest in yourself with 1-1 Coaching… as much or as little as you want

this online Programme is tutor supported

– you can ask your tutor a question or post your work for feedback and your tutor will respond to you. You can also join your classmates for Live Classes with your tutor


*new* your tutor offers 1-1 Coaching

– you can now take your learning to a whole new level with optional coaching by video meeting. Ideal if you want to be a graphicking professional, or to enhance your existing practise.

your tutor is an experienced practitioner

– so they’ve been there and done it IRL. They’re still doing it! This helps you deal with real world scenarios and learn tips, hacks and best practice from a professional graphiker

*new* this Programme has a Community

– so you can learn with and from classmates in your own picture-friendly private forum supported by your tutor

our support is personal and direct

– when you email us at support you get a direct reply from a helpful person who responds to your individual needs. Try us out! If you have any questions about whether this course is right for you, email Natasha at

Be a Graphic Facilitator Programme at a glance

Online course, any device, any time

12 Weekly Modules


28 Lessons with practical exercises

Private Community to share coursework

4 recorded Live Classes via video meeting

Bonus Guide to Digital Graphic Facilitation


Boost your practise with tutor Coaching option

Individual, tailored online tutor support

Term from 21 September to 13 December


Go at your own pace to fit in with your life

5 hours a week study recommended

Class size limited to 20 people only

Bonus Boot Camp warm up courses

Downloadable certificate

This Programme is £612.50 (£735 incl. UK VAT if applicable) for payment in full by credit card.

Buy with Be a Graphic Recorder for a special Buy One get One Half Price bundle price of £931.25 (£1117.50 incl. VAT)


Once you’ve booked your place we’ll give you the option to add in a  1-1 Coaching bundle of either 2 or 4 Coaching sessions by video meeting with Cara Holland. These sessions usually start at £175 an hour (+VAT), but for this Programme we’re offering them at the Special Rate of:

  • 2 sessions: £200 (£240 incl.VAT)
  • 4 sessions: £350 (£420 incl.VAT)

(If you don’t want to commit yet, you’ll have the option within the Academy to book coaching sessions in (subject to availability) once you get to know Cara better.)

Advanced Warning: This is the last time this Programme will be this price! In 2022 we’re raising our prices to reflect the added value of Live Classes and the Community. So this Term is the best yet… and fantastic value!

Fill in the order form below to secure your place today – once the 20 places are gone, we will close booking.



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