Visual Storytelling course

In business, we tell stories all the time. Stories about what we do, and why we do it. Stories that make your audience feel something, understand something or want to buy something. Stories that illustrate a process or a point.

Whatever the reason behind your story, visuals bring your story to life and help it connect.

If you have a story to tell, this course will give you useful tools and techniques to enhance your storytelling by using functional drawing to create visuals that really connect with your audience. They will bring your story to life and make it more tangible and memorable for your audience.

We’ll also look at using storytelling visuals to understand and reflect human experience, whether on an individual level or for a whole organisation.


Your tutor Cara Holland


Cara has been a professional graphic recorder for over 14 years, working in the UK and around the world.  She has built up a successful graphiking business with all kinds of organisations as clients, from TimeWarner to Sony Playstation and Novartis. She has seen first-hand the power of visual storytelling to communicate your history, values and ambitions.

Cara has invested in building up her visual storytelling skills in her own professional development, which she is now sharing with you in this practical, inspiring online course.





What our students say

“[since doing the course] my manager has me to record his vision for him as he can now see how accessible and powerful this medium is”

Cathy W.

“I like the structure, tone and approach to the learning process. It’s thoughtful and open and kind, and encourages me even from a distance. Nicely done 😊”

Lucy B.

You’re ready for this course if…


I'm ready

you have stories that you know will be enhanced by visual tools and techniques (and you don’t want to pay a graphic recorder for something you could learn to do yourself!)

you want step-by-step guidance to creating impactful hand-drawn visuals to add depth to your messages


you want the benefit of asking an experienced practitioner questions about technique and application when you try out the methods IRL

This course will give you

how-to guides to enabling people and organisations to express their experiences through visual storytelling

tools, tips and techniques learnt over decades of delivering visual stories that engage and stick in the memory

the confidence to start drawing the stories important to you and your organisation

Course Content

Whether you’re telling a corporate story, supporting a programme, or you’re pitching for a job or an award, visuals can be a game changer. They can help you stand out in a crowd, help stakeholders understand more clearly what you’re saying to them, they will show that you are a creative thinker. If you want your story to be memorable, learn to draw it!

Here’s an overview of the course content:

Drawing 101 - Free bonus foundation course!

Fast-track lessons to give you a foundation in functional drawing techniques:

  1. Shapes – containers and connectors
  2. Objects – drawing icons
  3. Buildings – building sets
  4. People – basic people, roles, emotions and diversity
  5. Colour – to structure, to highlight, to engage
  6. Text – headings, titles, text body
Visual Dictionary Booster

Boost your Visual Dictionary with Cara’s own hand-drawn icons from each lesson collated in one place for you to copy, adapt and be inspired by

Tell a story

Step-by-step instructions to transform the story you want to tell into a memorable visual story using this tried and tested method


Develop visual metaphors to enhance your visual storytelling


Stop relying on Powerpoint word-heavy slides and start creating powerful visual presentations that are engaging, compelling and memorable!

Visual spotlights

Use visuals as a spotlight on key information so you can influence what your audience takes away with them


A great visual technique for teams to understand where they’ve come from so they can better cope with the changes ahead


Tell an organisational story using an engaging, inclusive visual timeline

Story lines

Practise this surprisingly effective, deceptively simple technique to help individuals and small teams reflect on their own story so far so they can move forward

Further Learning Resources

Explore visual storytelling further with our recommendations for books, articles and videos

Why we’re different

You’re already in the Academy so you may already know this, but just in case…

we don't do mass online training

– we see you as an individual and we keep our class sizes small so you get the support to succeed

we give you a deadline

– we know from experience that you won’t finish an open-ended course. So we give you a deadline to motivate you to complete the course your organisation paid good money for. We want you back out in the world impressing people with your new visual working skills!

this online course is tutor supported

– you can ask your tutor a question or post your work for feedback and your tutor will respond to you. Individually and directly

your tutor is an experienced practitioner

– so they’ve been there and done it IRL. They’re still doing it! This helps you deal with real world scenarios and learn tips, hacks and best practice from a professional graphic recorder

our support is personal and direct

– when you email us at support you get a direct reply from a helpful person who responds to your individual needs. Try us out! If you have any questions about whether this course is right for you, email Natasha at

Visual Storytelling Course at a glance…

Online course, any device, any time

Instant access upon purchase

7 self-led Lessons

Step-by-step lessons, videos, case studies

Pro tips – learn from years of experience

Digital tips – adapt to capture your story digitally

Bonus Drawing 101 course

£195* single course or £445 for 3 course bundle


Show coursework for feedback and ask questions in a private Ask the Tutor area of each lesson

Track your progress from the start to the end of your course

Go at your own pace to fit in with your life

90 days tutor support

For individuals – contact us for team discounts

Downloadable completion certificate

The order form below is for a single student paying by credit card. If you’re interested in a group discount or need to pay by invoice/BACS through your organisation, then email Natasha at

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