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Visual Planning course

We need plans of all kinds in our business. Long term plans that can be shared with the organisation and short term disposable plans that help us have a productive day. Visual planning is a way of super-charging your planning practice. We’ve used visual planning for years with clients to help organizations clarify their future activities. You can use these visual planning tools at every level, from you organising your next training session at your desk, to operational teams who need to plan their next programme of work, to senior management looking for effective ways to turn their visions into action.

In this course you follow step-by-step processes to learn to create impactful visual planning tools using simple drawings as templates so you can run more effective, engaging planning sessions.

At a glance…

Online course, any device, any time

7 self-led Lessons

Step-by-step methods, videos, further resources

Pro tips – learn from years of experience

Digital tips – adapt to use visual plans in digital form

£145 (£174 incl UK VAT)


Private Ask the Tutor Q&A field in each lesson

Instant access upon purchase

Go at your own pace to fit in with your life

Open course with one year access

Individual course

Downloadable certificate

Your tutor Cara Holland


Cara has been a visual facilitator for over 2 decades, working in the UK and around the world.  She has built up a successful graphiking business with all kinds of organisations as clients, from Microsoft to DHL and Accenture. She has helped many clients to realize their vision for the future using powerful visual tools to both plan and show the output of planning.

Cara has used her practitioner experience to build this online course to put the power of visual planning tools into the hands of those who have to plan in their work.



What our students say

“Love, LOVE the way the programs are set up online – very engaging, multisensory and fun. Great work!”

Lucia M.

“I’m really appreciative of the skills I have picked up – particularly all the different templates… – they’re fantastic and I am absolutely going to be using these in my work going forward​.”

Emily P.

You’re ready for this course if…


I'm ready

part of your role is planning, whether for projects, processes, teams or yourself

you want to enrich your planning sessions with engaging visual tools


you want the benefit of asking an experienced practitioner questions about technique and application when you try out the methods IRL

This course will give you

how-to guides to using visual tools to help individuals and teams clarify their plans

visual tools to enable people to spot connections and solutions

creative ways to structure your planning (even if you’re not in a creative industry / role)

Course Content

Whether you’re planning a workshop, a budget or a programme of work, visual tools can make your planning more effective and engaging, encouraging co-creation, creative thinking and problem solving. If you want your plan to be deliverable, learn to draw it!

You can learn to use these visual tools with people at all levels, from operational teams who need to change how they do something, to senior management or board-level Directors, who need powerful and quick ways to clarify their visions, turn their strategies into action plans and create long term plans.

Drawing 101 - Free bonus foundation course!

Fast-track lessons to give you a foundation in functional drawing techniques:

  1. Shapes – containers and connectors
  2. Objects – drawing icons
  3. Buildings – building sets
  4. People – basic people, roles, emotions and diversity
  5. Colour – to structure, to highlight, to engage
  6. Text – headings, titles, text body
3 Steps Forward

Create a visual template to take yourself or someone else from challenge to solution with positive and achievable outcomes

Gap Map

A versatile visual tool that helps you understand and identify your resources gaps, allowing you to plan and prioritize effectively

Planning Track

Develop a visual template for planning out operational cycles for individuals, teams or organisations


Use this storyboarding method to enhance walkthroughs, engagement and communication with stakeholders

Trail Map

Step-by-step method to creating the visual template and running a session around this hefty five-part tool. We think this is worth the cost of the course alone!

Sticky Planners

Use nothing more complicated than a (real or virtual) sticky note to plan visually

Group Mind Maps

Use this technique to get groups to unravel complicated subjects or problems

Further Learning Resources

Explore visual planning further with our recommendations for books, articles, videos and related courses.

Why we’re different

You’re already in the Academy so you may already know this, but just in case…

we don't do mass online training

– we see you as an individual and we keep our class sizes small so you get the support to succeed


this online course is tutor supported

– you can ask your tutor a question or post your work for feedback and your tutor will respond to you. Individually and directly

your tutor is an experienced practitioner

– so they’ve been there and done it IRL. They’re still doing it! This helps you deal with real world scenarios and learn tips, hacks and best practice from a professional graphic facilitator

our support is personal and direct

– when you email us at support you get a direct reply from a helpful person who responds to your individual needs. Try us out! If you have any questions about whether this course is right for you, email Natasha at

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