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If you're loving getting back into drawing but aren't sure about introducing it at work or for studies yet, then let us help build your confidence some more with our Next Level Boot Camp - a batch of brilliant lessons, tips and videos that give you a natural stepping stone from the lessons you've just completed in Boot Camp.

This online course is self-paced, so you can sign up and start drawing anytime, anywhere you can access the Academy.

There are 8 lessons, each of which takes around 30 minutes. Each lesson even has an optional Level Up challenge exercise, so you can push yourself if you're feeling confident and ready for more, or come back and do the more advanced exercises when you've had more practice. That makes this the course that keeps on giving!

This course revisits the main topics we covered in Boot Camp and super-charges them, adding layers of character and detail that will really help you develop your individual style and take your functional drawing to the Next Level!


  1. Containers
  2. Connectors
  3. Buildings
  4. Building character
  5. Environment sets
  6. Weather
  7. Environment sets 2
  8. People

I will provide feedback and support through either Twitter or Instagram to you when you post your work @graphicchange using #drawmorenextlevel. If you prefer more privacy you can ask me questions about exercises directly through our Ask the Tutor private notes on your course and I'll answer you directly for only you to see. That makes this course brilliant value!

We think it's the best combination of flexible online learning with direct access to an expert, perfect for taking your functional drawing to the Next Level.

    • Course Cost: £60 including tax (if applicable) *
      *DISCOUNT NOW AVAILABLE! To support you all during this challenging time, we've discounted this course by 75%! Now just £15 including tax (if applicable). No discount code necessary - just fill in the order form below.
  • Course Length: self-paced, as long as you need.

To sign up for this course right now, scroll down to the Next Level Boot Camp secure order form.

(Heads up: this course is included as bonus FREE material in both our tutor-supported 12-week courses. So if you're going to do one of those, head straight there, to either Be a Visual Facilitator or Be a Graphic Recorder information.)


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Next Level Boot Camp
Next Level Boot Camp