Draw a Visual Journal course


A thoughtful exploration of creating and keeping a visual journal, this course will help you start your own visual journal, and build a transformative habit that can last you a lifetime.

I will take you on a journey that will build your confidence and understanding about how a visual journal can benefit your life, boost your innate creativity and practically help you begin your very own visual journal. Along the way I will introduce you to different types of visual journalling, with hints and tips, how-to videos, examples from real life journals, interviews with journallers and easy to follow exercises. I’m even there within each lesson for you to ask me questions or share your pages for feedback and encouragement.

If you’ve ever thought about keeping a visual journal then this course will take your from curious to confident. You’re going to love it!

Your tutor Cara Holland


I’ve been a professional graphic recorder for over 16 years, working in the UK and around the world.  I’ve built up a successful graphiking business with all kinds of organisations as clients, from the NHS to Google and IKEA. I’m a passionate advocate of drawing as a tool to help you remember, express yourself and communicate with others.

Developed during the Covid-19 Lockdown period, this hands-on course is full of tips, techniques and insights I’ve learnt IRL, so that you can start to draw your own visual journal with minimal equipment and lots of new ideas!



What our students say

“The delicate, visual and pretty outlook of this online platform is a joy. It really enhances positive thoughts and good vibes. I will use my new competencies as a teacher, as a person who enjoys drawing and writing and as a snack for my brain 😀 ”
Siri H.

“Your way to teach is very encouraging. I don’t know how to say it. You always give me the feeling that I can do this without saying, “it’s very easy, everyone can do it”. A perfect mix of motivation and deep respect.”
Veronique V-B.

You’re ready for this course if…


I'm ready

you want to make your journaling habit more visual


you want to start a visual journal, whether personal or professional

you want the benefits of flexible on demand lessons in a beautifully crafted online course

This course will give you

the techniques to create or improve your visual journal

inspiration to try out different kinds of visual journal
the drawing foundations to put pen to paper in a satisfyingly visual way

the enhanced learning of access to a real practitioner using private messaging within lessons

Course Content

Perhaps you’re already drawing in your journals and want more inspiration to improve your skills. Perhaps you keep a written journal and want to explore adding in icons, colour and visuals to make them more memorable and more fun to do. Or perhaps you’re completely new to journalling but are excited to get started.

Here’s an overview of what we cover together in this online course…

We explore what a Visual Journal is…
A walkthrough the equipment you might find useful for Visual Journalling. You can ask me questions or for advice on what would work best for you.
Foundation Skills - Layout

There are lots of options for how you can lay out your journal pages, and in this section I’ll show you some of the main approaches so you can try them all out during this course.

Foundation Skills - Colour
Colour can play and important role in your visual journal. In this section we look at how you can use colour for visual signposting and to create impact.
Foundation Skills - Basic Icons

In this section I’ll share with you some simple exercises that will give you drawing confidence.

We’ll cover 4 key categories:

  • Containers
  • Connectors
  • Buildings
  • People

…and I’m available if you want to ask me how to draw something, or to share your work with me for feedback.

Foundation Skills - Text

Keep your Journal more visual by cherry picking your text… and share your exercises with me for feedback if you’d like.

Visual Thinking

In this section we’re going to explore 4 different ways of approaching the world around you with visuals. Across these 4 visualising and drawing exercises you’ll really get your visual thinking brain activated. Again you have the option to share your pages with me for review and encouragement.

Case Studies & Interviews

Be inspired by these case studies and practitioner interviews I did with

Gratitude Journal

This is the first of our deep dives, and in this section you will explore gratitude journalling. You’ll find examples, easy to follow steps, an exercise to get you started and further resources to inspire you. As always, I’m there if you want to share, ask questions or just get some encouragement.

Daily Personal Journal

The second deep dive will introduce you to keeping a daily journal. In this section I’ll get you starting your own daily practice with examples, an exercise and resources to inspire you. I’m there for you in our Ask the Tutor area as usual.

Work / project Journal

In deep dive number 3 we explore work or project journalling together. You’ll have plenty to get you started, including examples, advice and an exercise to complete. Share your pages with me for extra help, feedback or support.

Travel Journal

In this final journal deep dive we explore the world of travel journals. This lesson is full of personal examples from my own travel journals over the years, as well as an exercise to get you started. Reach out to me for help or feedback.

Your New Habit

I’ve given you the core skills and knowledge you need to get started and together we’ve explored 4 different types of journal keeping and you’ve tried them all out and have a better sense of what would work for you. I’m still here for you with any final questions, observations or pages you want to upload for me to review. Then it’s time for me to send you back out into the world with a new found habit that can give you a creative outlet, help you process what’s happening in your life and record events, thoughts and observations in a beautifully visual way for posterity!

A look inside the Course

Foundation Skills

I give you the core skills and knowledge you need to build visual journalling confidence

Helpful Layout

The course is clearly laid out so you can keep track of your progress


Lots of pictures, quotes and real life personal examples to inspire you


Easy to follow exercises and how-to videos for you to try in your own time and way

Why we’re different

We built the Academy to be different from most online course platforms out there. Here’s how…

your tutor is an experienced practitioner

– so they’ve been there and done it IRL. They’re still doing it! This helps you deal with real world scenarios and learn tips, hacks and best practice from a professional graphiker.

we don't do mass online training

– we see you as an individual and give you access to your tutor and support person to give you the best chance of success. In return you’re supporting our small business.

you can give the gift of creative learning

When you buy your course we give you the option of buying a course for a friend, colleague or loved one for half price! A perfect gift if you know someone who is a creative thinker. How it works: Once you’ve placed the order then we’ll send you your course access as well as a gift code that you can email as a gift. Lovely.

our support is personal and direct

– when you email us you get a direct reply from a helpful person who responds to your individual needs. Try us out! If you have any questions about whether this course is right for you, email Natasha at support@graphicchange.com

At a glance…

Online course, any device, any time
15 practical Lessons to read, watch and do
Step-by-step drawing demonstrations
Practical real-life journalling exercises
How-to drawing videos

£55 for one place on course

Buy One Buy a Gift course half price –


Ask the tutor a question within the lesson
Interviews with visual journal practitioners
inspirational examples of real life journals
Further reading and resources

Open course – do at your own pace (no set time), and your course stays open

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