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Being able to capture someone’s content and turn it into engaging pictures is an amazing skill. It’s also a wonderful, creative way to raise your professional profile or generate your own income stream.

This tutor-supported online Programme gives you the skills and techniques that you need to start capturing conversations and content into visuals. Whether that’s in live sessions creating big or digital visuals for clients, sketchnoting for your own learning in lectures and meetings, or translating written documents into visuals, this unique Programme will take your practice to the next level.

This is a course that could change your working life! We know this because it already has for many people who’ve done the Programme.

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Your tutor Cara Holland


Cara has been a professional graphic recorder for over 16 years, working in the UK and around the world.  She has built up a successful graphiking business with all kinds of organisations as clients, from the NHS to Google and IKEA. She’s developed her own personal style and methods through trial and error and has put all of that learning into this course.

Developed over years of running face-to-face graphic recording training, this Programme is full of tips, techniques and insights Cara has learnt IRL, so that you can boost your graphic recording skills, whether online or in person, in just 12 weeks.





What people say about this Programme

“I have really enjoyed the Graphic Recorder course…The course is really well structured. I’ve always been fascinated with graphic facilitation…However I don’t think I ever really understood what visual thinking, graphic recording, or graphic facilitation really was until I did this course…The feedback and support that I got through Cara’s comments was key to my progression. I’m going to take this further in my own job as a secondary school teacher. I have the confidence now to build on all the things I learnt in the course…Thanks so much!!”
P. Smith

“I found this course incredibly useful in helping me to create a more ordered approach to my graphic recording. I think the best words to describe my previous approach were “chaos” and “hope for the best”!… Having you walk us all through your approach and giving us loads of great prompts and exercises to build our visual vocabulary helped me to redistribute the work and planning into the window before the graphic recording, which meant that I was able to concentrate on listening, having fun, and getting way more visual in my recording during the drawing process.”
H. McKelvey

You're ready for this Programme if...


I'm ready

you feel comfortable drawing basic icons

you want to learn to tell stories or explain theories, strategies or plans more visually

you want to learn by doing - applying your learning directly to real life even before the course finishes

you would benefit from a supportive learning programme to keep you accountable in your learning

This Programme will give you

the techniques to create a professional graphic recording, whether with pens and paper or in digital formats

the skills to take your sketchnotes to the next level

the confidence to capture live meetings and sessions visually to bring them to life for participants and a wider audience

Programme Content


Graphic recording turns key messages into memorable, engaging, big pictures that can be cascaded throughout a company, shared with stakeholders and referred to long after the meeting or event.

Perhaps you’re already comfortable drawing and want to add a new skillset to your business. Perhaps you’re already a Graphic Recorder and you want to get some support and feedback directly from an industry expert.

This is your unique opportunity to learn in a small group environment from one of the most experienced practitioners out there, all from the comfort of your home (or office).

Here’s an overview of what we cover in the 12 week Programme…

Drawing Skills

4 fast-track lessons to give you a foundation in functional drawing techniques:

  • Buildings
  • Objects
  • People
  • Shapes
Week 1 - Basics

To start you off gently we cover the basics of

1. Equipment – a walkthrough the equipment you’ll need as a Graphic Recorder

2. Colour – a deeper dive into using colour to communicate in your recordings

3. Text – a deeper dive into getting text right – the right words drawn right

Week 2 - Dream

The most important part of being a Graphic Recorder is YOU. So this week we’re using graphic recording skills to focus on your dreams, your experience and where you want to take them.

4. Head Shot – create your unique head shot

5. Here to There – starting your graphic recording journey

6. About You – define your unique skills (visually of course)

Week 3 - Jump in!

We’re going to use the basic skills you’ve learnt so far to set a baseline – let’s jump in to doing some graphic recording!

7. Graphic Recording

8. Graphic Translation

9. Sketchnoting

Week 4 - Reflect

One of the most important parts of developing your technique is the ability to review and reflect on your work. But it’s a step people often miss. So this is a chance to practise this with my support.

10. Critical Friend – it’s time to review your work so far

11. Reflect

Week 5 - Pre-session

This week we’re unpicking the vital techniques I use when preparing for a graphic recording session. I've learnt these over years so you can learn them in days!

12. Agendas – how to unpick an agenda with a graphic recorder’s eye

13. Weighting – how to plan your page

14. Questions to ask – the key critical questions you’re going to want to ask your clients before you walk in / dial into the room

Week 6 - In Session

As a Graphic Recorder there’s as much going on in your head as on the page. This week we take a deep dive into those hidden skills.

15. Listen – how to actively listen

16. Filter – how to decide what to capture and what to leave out

17. Layouts – explore your layout choices and understand what difference they make

Week 7 - On the Page

One of the most common things I get asked is how to make your recording look good. This week I show you how to put it on the page to make an impact.

18. Relationships – how does one thing relate to another on the page

19. Space – how to best use the space you have

20. Scale – how size impacts the message on the page

21. Continuity – how to harness continuity to your advantage

Week 8 - Pause

This is a week to reflect, revisit and catch up. I'm here to answer any questions you have at this stage. This pause will give you the energy to complete the course.

22. Reflect

Week 9 - Perfectly You

This week is meta. Let’s use your new graphic recording skills and thinking to focus on you as a practitioner

23. Connect the Dream – where are you going next?

24. Style – what’s your graphic recording style?

Week 10 - Do Over

You’ve got the knowledge. You’ve been putting it into practise IRL. Let’s see how far you’ve come.

25. Graphic Recording

26. Graphic Translation

Week 11 - Catch Up

A week to review, reflect and catch up if you’ve fallen behind. I’m here for you this week for any new questions or realizations that you’ve uncovered.

Week 12 - Finishing Touches

We’re coming to the end of your course and the beginning of your graphic recording future!

27. Disasters! – I really have been there and done it. I share some real-life disasters and solutions to save you pain!

28. Meta Record – time to capture all that learning


This Programme comes with a bonus 8 lesson Guide to Digital Graphic Recording online course. The Digital course is an enhancement, not a replacement for any Programme content.

This bonus course covers:

  • Your digital graphic recording set up
  • Digital Basics:
    • Space
    • Colour
    • Movement
    • Layers
  • Visual Dictionary
  • Before a digital graphic recording session
  • In session
  • After session

Why we're different

we don't do mass online training

- we see you as an individual and we keep our class sizes small so you get the support to succeed and finish

this Programme is our most flexible yet

– do lessons individually with tutor support, take part in the Community to learn with your cohort, join Live Classes by video meeting, invest in yourself with 1-1 Coaching… as much or as little as you want

this online Programme is tutor supported

- ask your tutor a question or post your work for feedback and your tutor will respond to you. Learn from tutor responses to your classmates in your Community and in 4 Live Classes

your tutor is an experienced practitioner

- so they've been there and done it IRL. They're still doing it! This helps you deal with real world scenarios and learn tips, hacks and best practice from a professional graphiker

this Programme has a Community

– so you can learn with and from classmates in your own picture-friendly private forum supported by your tutor


your tutor offers 1-1 Coaching

– you can take your learning to a whole new level with optional coaching by video meeting. Ideal if you want to be a professional graphic recorder, or to enhance your existing practise

our support is personal and direct

- so you get a direct reply from a helpful person who responds to your individual needs. Try us out! If you have any questions about whether this Programme is right for you, email Natasha at

Be a Graphic Recorder Programme at a glance

Online course, any device, any time

12 Weekly Modules


28 Lessons with practical exercises

Private Community to share coursework

4 recorded Live Tutor Classes via video meeting

Bonus Guide to Digital Graphic Recording


Boost your practise with tutor Coaching upgrade

Full payment £750, or USD $925

Individual, tailored online tutor support

Q1 2023

Go at your own pace to fit in with your life

4-5 hours a week study / practise recommended

Class size limited to 20 people only

Bonus Boot Camp warm up courses

Downloadable certificate

3 month Payment Plan £260 or $315 a month

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