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The 2nd edition of our Stay at Home issue contains: Tigers, postcards, journals, rainbows and more…

Draw to understand

If you’re a Visual Edit regular then you know I’m a bit of a fan of hand-drawn data viz…and for many of us the desire to understand the world around us by capturing and contemplating data is high right now (you might have seen my soup tally over on Twitter !) So I was pleased to see Giorgia Lupi and Stefanie Posavec reunited for a short series of data postcards to inspire us in these strange times see them here.

Draw to relax

Although using colouring for mindful relaxation is not a new thing, several weeks in lockdown might have found you reaching for some colouring for the first time in a while…if you’re looking for a way to switch off from the world for 20 minutes, how about downloading some of these gorgeous PDF colouring sheets from the ColourOurCollections initiative… find out more.
Draw new skills
We’ve added in an extra term of our 12-week online courses, supported directly by me as your tutor, for those of you finding yourself wanting to skill up. There are now only 2 weeks left to join this lockdown term. Find out more here.
Draw to process…
No matter what age you are, drawing is a useful tool to help process thoughts and feelings. In my years as a social worker, drawing was a tool I regularly used to understand what a child was really thinking without all those tricky words getting in the way. So I enjoyed this article from the BBC which gives us an insight into the thoughts of 6 children from around the world… Have a look here.

Draw to remember

If you follow me on Twitter you’ll know that I’ve been keeping a visual journal, and to help you start your own visual journal habit I’ve been writing a new course to share with you. Well it’s nearly ready. You can sign up here if you want to be emailed when the new class is ready to open it’s virutal door.

Draw to connect

I love these postcards that Quentin Blake drew for the House of Illustration for two reasons: Firstly, sending a drawn postcard or an illustrated letter is a great way to connect with people you’re separated from. And secondly, I hear of lot of self doubt about whether drawings are good enough, from people who are new to working visually. I think these drawings are so perfectly imperfect they show brilliantly how a good drawing doesn’t have to be accurate to have impact  Read more .

Draw to learn

There is no limit to the new skills we can learn or the benefit we can get from practising the skills we already have.  So whether you’re new to drawing or an old hand, you’ll like this drawing lesson from the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Join in the lesson here.

Stay Safe

We really hope that you and your loved ones are safe and well in these difficult times. The Graphic Change family is now in 85 countries and it’s comforting to think we are all using drawing as a way to connect, share, process and offer comfort.

If there is something brilliant related to working visually and visual communication happening in your country then do share it with us on twitter or instagram @graphicchange and you never know, it might appear in a future issue of the Visual Edit.

Stay safe out there.

Cara and Natasha x

Draw a Better Business
If you run a small business and you haven’t yet drawn your way through my book…then check it out here!
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