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This issue: draw to remember, visual language, beautiful dataviz and more…
Population Cartograms
This fascinating and beautiful map helps us think about how global living conditions are changing, by moving away from a geographical presentation of the world showing the size of the countries and the the distribution of land, and switching to a population cartogram, drawn according to the distribution of people. Read more here .
The Drawing Effect
You may have suspected this, but recent research from Myra Fernandes at the University of Waterloo, Canada, has given us more evidence: drawing has a “surprisingly powerful influence” on memory. Just a 4-second drawing helped people remember better than imagination or even viewing pictures of the words in a memory test. So…if you want to remember something or ensure your message is remembered longer, draw it! Read more
Blissymbolics anyone?
I found this fascinating news article recently – a look at a donated collection of work by Charles K.Bliss, who, following WWII, created a new international visual language. Using the logical structure of his native German language and just 120 simple symbols (which could be typed), Bliss thought this new visual language “marked a new era in human communication and cooperation.” And if you think it failed because it hasn’t caught on yet, well Bliss himself thought it would take 100-200 years to reach all schools…so there’s time yet.
Kickstart your 2019 with online learning

Only a month to go now until our tutor-supported (by me!) brilliant online courses
Be a Graphic Recorder and Be a Graphic Facilitator run again on 11th February.
Let me tell you what’s involved…

  • 8 weeks of online lessons and examples
  • Your own dashboard where you can access course content 24/7
  • A closed group space to share your work with your classmates
  • Access to me to give you individual feedback on your work
  • Bonus content
  • Certificate of completion
  • Option to access further 1-1 coaching

The courses have a strictly limited class size of just 10 to ensure you get lots of individual support and attention. Here’s what some previous students said:

“I think this course is brilliant and I am happily recommending it to all my coach and facilitator colleagues…I have completed every exercise and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Thank you for my new skills.”Rebecca R. (Graphic Facilitator course)

“I found the Graphic Recorder course was just right for me – a good mix of reading, theory and intense practice – all of which got me up to speed for work doing graphicking even while the course was still underway.”Mavis P. (Graphic Recorder course)

“Brilliant – I’ve thoroughly enjoyed both courses and gained lots of confidence and new ideas!!” Lucy V. (both courses)

Places are already getting snapped up. Currently there are only:
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Illustrating the refugee crisis
If you’re in London any time up until end of March, take the time to go to the House of Illustration’s new exhibition Journeys Drawn: Illustration from the Refugee Crisis. Featuring 40 multimedia works by 12 artists, it brings another viewpoint to a widely documented subject, often depicting scenes where photographs wouldn’t have been allowed. Click here to read.
Beautiful Dataviz of an ugly truth
As you know if you’ve read Visual Edit before, I love me some Information is Beautiful dataviz. This one is both beautiful and horrifying – the World’s Biggest Data Breaches & Hacks. If you’re having a stressful day, just spare a thought for the people working in these companies… See the full interactive view here.
Is creativity the most important skill?
Of course I like to think so, and an interesting piece of research agrees. It examined 35 million unique job adverts published between 2013 and 2017, with 39 skills emerging that are likely to be in demand between now and 2030.  Read on to discover more about the future power of creativity in the workplace…